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Dive into the fascinating Microscopic World with stunning images and captivating discoveries. Our collection of microscopic images showcases bacteria, cells, crystals, pollen, and more, revealing the hidden beauty of the world around us. Be amazed by what’s invisible to the naked eye.

Human Tears Under Microscope: Step-by-Step Viewing Guide

Delving into the microscopic realm, the study of human tears unveils a mesmerizing world of intricate structures and patterns. In her project, ‘Topography of Tears’, photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher embarked on a journey to capture the unique characteristics of dried tears under the microscope. Through meticulous examination and photography, Fisher unraveled the diverse array of tear …

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Observing Spirogyra Under The Microscope View

Observing Spirogyra Under Microscope

Microscopy enthusiasts can find plenty of exciting specimens to explore in a drop of water. One such specimen is Spirogyra, a type of green algae. This thread-like genus of green alga is a fantastic specie to observe under the microscope. Spirogyra is stunning to look at under a microscope, and their characteristics, structure, and categorization …

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Volvox Structure under microscope

Observing Volvox Under Microscope

If you are an avid microscope explorer, you want to observe the rarest and most special organisms seen through a microscope. Why do we suggest the Volvox as your next specimen? Observing Volvox under the microscope is an exciting experience for youngsters and enthusiasts. Volvox is a genus of green algae in the family Vovlocacae …

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Image of atom under microscope

Observing Atom Under Microscope

Atoms are really tiny. Even with the most powerful of microscopes, it’s impossible to view one with the naked eye, since they’re so small. But wouldn’t it be amazing to observe an atom under a microscope? Essentially, an atom is a chemical element that still has the characteristics of the original element (iron, copper, carbon, …

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Observing Lice Under Microscope guide

Observing Lice Under Microscope

Have you ever wondered what head lice look like under the microscope would look like? After discussing dandruff, we proceed to a more perplexing organism that preys on a child’s hair – the head lice. Observing head louse, louse eggs, and even adult lice under the microscope requires caution and knowledge on properly observing them. …

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