AMSCOPE B120C review

AMSCOPE B120C Microscope Reviews: Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Model [2023]

The AmScope B120C is a fantastic yet cost-effective microscope from the industry’s top maker. With its wide range of features and robust construction, the B120C is a top choice for professional researchers and casual hobbyists.

With precision optical glass elements and a powerful 40x-1000x magnification range, the AmScope B120 offers superb clarity for examining anything from tissue samples to tiny insects. Its durable design also makes it an excellent choice for kids and classrooms.

It’s an excellent research tool with features built for various applications. As a result, it may be utilized for instructional demonstrations, clinical inspections, and laboratory testing. Let us delve deeper into the workings of this product.

Body of Microscope

Objectives and Light

The B120C-E1 is equipped with 4x, 10x, 40xS, and 100xS (oil) DIN achromatic objectives in the nosepiece. These are used in combination with the eyepieces to correct magnified images at five magnifications (40X, 100X, 250X, 400X, and 1000X). The 100X oil immersion objective provides the highest level of detail for your specimen, while the 4x objective is best used for scanning large areas.

The 100xS spring-loaded oil objective, on the other hand, has a higher resolution than the standard objective because of its greater size. The microscope also includes a stage-up moving lock, which is used to safeguard the objectives and lenses from impact damage.

Lower diascopic brightfield illumination passes light up through the specimen to better visualize translucent and transparent items in the AmScope B120C. The brightfield (BF) illumination enables the material to absorb light, creating a dark image on a light background.

LED lighting is used in this fixture, which gives off a bright, but cool light that works well with temperature-sensitive or live specimens. The 1.25 NA Abbe condenser, on the other hand, can be utilized to alter and control the distance of the light from the stage. It also has an iris diaphragm that allows


The AmScope B120C-E1 instrument features a double-layered mechanical stage with 1mm stage divisions. It secures the slide, allowing for precise slide manipulation along the X-Y axis. It is a crucial component of the microscope that allows coordinate recording and enables users to go back to the specific location of the research slide.

The microscope also has the following items:

    • A cover dust

    • Sample immersion oil

    • User’s microscope manual

    • USB cable

    • CD with software

    • Driver and user instructions

    • Blue color filter


The Amscope B120C also comes with two accessories for a holistic user experience.

Binocular Head

AMSCOPE B120C Rotation head Guide

For the benefit of the user, the AmScope B120C-E1 has a professional Siedentopf binocular head that allows for interpupillary distance change (53 to 77mm). It also includes a dioptric adjustment to adjust the microscope for varying eye strength.

Anybody may use it to inspect the sample because of these characteristics. The Siedentopf binocular head’s 10x and 25x widefield eyepieces are replaceable, allowing the user to change them according to the object being viewed.

The binocular head’s 360-degree rotation and a fixed 30-degree vertical inclination enhance the user’s field of vision and sharing while also reducing eye and neck strain.

Digital Camera

The Amscope B120C also comes with a 1.3 digital camera. It is an impressive component that captures images, videos, and live stream, which is sent to a PC for real-time viewing. The digital camera is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.

The user-friendly operation and editing software also include additional sophisticated features such as video recording, measurement capabilities, and stitching.

The product, which can capture live video and still photographs at the same time in a variety of sizes and resolutions, provides users with the ability to simultaneously set up live video and picture taking in a range of sizes. It also allows users to process and edit image captures through editing tools such as Photoshop.

Strengths and Weaknesses


This microscope is simple to use and provides excellent results. It has a greater magnification of 2500x than other comparable microscopes, giving it a slight edge. The mechanisms are smooth and easy to operate, providing an enjoyable experience. On the other hand, it fulfills most users’ optical demands.


In this writing, the USB 3.0 camera does not function. It implies it can’t be used with any current Macs. Perhaps a solution is on its way, though.


AMSCOPE B120C Specs and Pros and Cons

The Amscope B120C has impressed users worldwide with its quality and remarkable performance. It is recommended for those looking to purchase a decent microscope at an affordable price. Though there are thousands of other options to choose from, consider these questions first before you decide to buy:

Do you need a camera with your microscope?

A video camera would be ideal for people who like to educate or document their experiments. Having a camera is often preferred since they make microscopy more enjoyable. You may either buy a trinocular model that allows you to utilize a camera and look through the microscope simultaneously or an aftermarket camera like the MD500 and connect it to the microscope.

Do you want a compound or stereo microscope?

The Amscope B120C is a compound microscope, which means it’s only possible to view one specimen at a time through it. If you would like to view multiple samples side by side, you need to purchase a stereo microscope instead.

Is it too advanced for younger users?

Children under nine who wear glasses should use monocular compound microscopes like the Amscope M150C-MS, which are easier to operate but not as powerful.

Do you need darkfield in your microscopy?

The Amscope B120C is not compatible with darkfield microscopy. However, there are other options available if this is your preference. For example, the Amscope MD500 and the M150B could be great alternatives that you may want to consider.


Overall, the AmScope B120C-E1 Siedentopf microscope is a decent piece of equipment that will meet the demands of the user. It may be effortlessly put together, and the lenses are highly transparent. Although it is a pretty decent microscope for youngsters who want to learn about the instrument, it will also be helpful for biological, bacterial, and pharmaceutical studies. As a result, it’s perfect for both students and experts.


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